Bullet is a powerful tool that turns your Notion pages into beautiful responsive websites. It helps you turn any idea or concept into an interactive website without writing code. Bullet provides you the ability to create professional and beautiful websites for your business, blog, portfolio or anything else.

How does Bullet work?

Primary objective of Bullet is to allow everybody to own a website that represents them/ their brand.

Launch your site in 3 simple steps. How?

  • Duplicate a Notion template from Bullet’s gallery.

  • Customize your content and copy the public url of your Notion page.

  • Paste the url in Bullet dashboard and hit “Publish” for the world to see your website.

  • Take a look at a webpage built using Bullet.

Manage everything from Notion

You can now manage everything for your website right from Notion. This means you can write, edit and update things like meta tags, keywords, slugs and descriptions all in one place without having to switch between apps.


You don’t need any coding skills to launch a website using Bullet. With pre-built templates, you can just edit your content and choose a theme before publishing your website.


  • SEO optimized templates lets you to easily follow the rules of SEO
  • This results in better ranking of your website on the search engine

Writers, editors, marketers and managers can work together at ease without access issues within Notion. 

Infinite website opportunities with Bullet

  • [x]  Blogs
  • [x]  Knowledge base
  • [x]  Personal website
  • [x]  Ecommerce website
  • [x]  Landing pages for business
  • [x]  Directory
  • [x]  Marketplace
  • [x]  Guides


  • Does the website look like a Notion page?
    Nope! Your website will reflect your brand. After adding your content on Notion, you can choose the theme of your website from our gallery and your website will as professional as a fully-coded website. In fact, more optimized and easier to manage.

  • Is it extendable?
    Unlike other Notion website builders, you can build and extend a completely professional website using Bullet. From blogs and articles to online stores and portfolios, you can scale your website with build in plugins available at Bullet.

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