Domain names without sub-domain are known as root or apex domains. For example or is called a subdomain, but is called root/apex domain.

With some DNS registrars, configuring apex domain will take couple additional steps. Read carefully.

To configure root domain in Bullet, your domain registrar must support ALIAS or ANAME records or allow CNAME flattening. 

Check the following things:

1. Check if you are able to set ALIAS or ANAME record and point the @ or root to bullet.pages-dev domain.

2. If there is no ALIAS or ANAME record, simply add the CNAME record and point root to your domain and check if everything works fine. 

If Bullet fails verification even after couple of hours to recognize the custom domain, it means that your DNS doesn't support CNAME flattening.

What if your DNS provider doesn't support ALIAS, ANAME or CNAME Flattening?

If your registrar doesn't support ALIAS or ANAME records, or doesn't allow CNAME flattening, then there is a couple of ways to overcome the limitation.

  1. Easiest way: Point the instead of apex domain. Most modern browsers don't display the www. in the address bar, and it would look very similar to apex domain.
  2. Other way is to point your domain nameservers (NS records) to a third-party DNS provider like Cloudflare so you can manage your DNS records there. Cloudflare is free to use, and they offer additional benefits beyond DNS services.