Creating a blog using Bullet is easy and effortless. Unlike other statis pages, blog is a separate plugin provided by Bullet, and blog pages are built from scratch so that it's optimized for SEO. All you need to do is follow the specific structure that Bullet has set up for databases, posts, authors, and tags. Follow the steps below to create and launch your blog today:

Creating a blog website

1. Bullet has a gallery of templates for you to start with. You can duplicate one of these blog templates to get started:

Step-by-step procedure to duplicate a template to your Notion page can be found here

2. From your Notion page, edit the content of your blog in Posts, Authors and Tags in the Blog database. To know more about the Bullet blog structure, read here.

3. Customize your Navbar and Footer from Bullet dashboard and then hit Publish. 

Adding blog to existing Bullet website

Once you’ve launched your website using Bullet, you can start blogging to expand your website and rank better for your targeted keywords. To use blog in Bullet site, you must use Bullet’s base structure in Notion.

1. Add a page with blog template in the Bullet base structure.

2. Edit your contents in Posts, Tags and Authors database in Notion.


3. Go to Bullet’s dashboard and Publish your main website to see changes. Your blog is published under the URL you’ve mentioned, say